Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oct and Nov.

Sorry I haven't posted pics in a while, we have been super busy and our computer is dowm again for the second time in two months. Luckily Clint is able to fix it on his own!We also got a new camera so we have tons of pictures.Paiton had a great first Halloween and looked so adorable as a ladybug. We went to our ward's trunk or treat and on Halloween went over to Grandma's house.

Aunt Sarah came to visit this past week and we had a great time together, we wish she could have stayed longer.

We went to the San Diego Zoo this week and fell in love with all the animals. We were amazed to see so many of God's beautiful creations. Paiton loved the animals especially the baby gorilla, polar bears, and flamingos. If you haven't been there before you should definetly plan a trip it is worth the drive and money.

On Vetrans day we played disc golf or as Clint likes to call it "Frolfing". It was super fun and Paiton was a trooper in her jogging stroller. Our arms were so sore the next day, from lack of exercise, but it was really fun.

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Natalie said...

it is a workout and you don't even think about it! love ya'll. miss ya'll!