Saturday, June 20, 2009

This was then...I think 2004...the girls of the "cockroach motel". We had a roomie reunion today and it was such a blast to be with old pals and laugh at all our ridiculous antics. There was our incredibly messy room (maainly my fault), countless bugs, broken showerheads, wobbly tables, an ugly lime green couch, Latorr having her own room while three of us shared a bedroom, ants on the walls and other nameless items, yelling neighbors, weird guys...I can go on and on. We laughed so hard today, I have so many great memories with Jamie, Emileah, and Latorr. I love you girls so much, thanks for making my college years so memorable.

This is now 2009, all grown up and somewhat mature, I hope. Jamie is married annd expecting her first child, Latorr has a successfull career and is applying for grad programs, Emileah is expecting her second child soon, and I am a happy mother of a beautiful baby girl. Wow...we made it, we are adults now!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This past weekend we went to our local park to see a car show and it was so cool to see all the neat cars. Paiton especially enjoyed the restored 1902 fire engine and dalmation named blaze. We also explored the park and were amazed at how beautiful the park is...we kept asking ourselves why we hadn't taken advantage of this park more often since we live so close to it...but we are now. Paiton is growing so fast she is about 5 and half months old and is sitting up on her own, babbling and screeching a lot, grabbing all her toys, and rolling everywhere. We hope you enjoy the pics.