Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paiton is ONE!

Paiton is already one year old, it is crazy how time has gone by so fast. Now that Paiton is one, she enjoys walking everywhere, and I mean everywhere, she refuses to be held or put in the stroller for too long, she is our little explorer. Paiton also LOVES music and dancing her new favorite is ring around the rosies. Paiton still doesn't like to eat but she is obsessed with chocolate and since her Grandma Ginger has been visiting she has discovered mini mmnm's and gummy bears.

Paiton had a Elmo birthday party, I really don't like Elmo but Paiton can't get enough of him. We all had a great time with friends and family. Paiton loved all her presents, but especially enjoys her keyboard. She is our liitle Motzart.